Registered conservatories

The Simplification Decree (Legislative Decree 76/2020), converted with Law no. 120/2020, has made numerous changes to the Digital Administration Code (CAD), including some relating to the IT document storage service. In particular, Article 34, paragraph 1-bis, provides that:

“Public administrations can proceed with the preservation of electronic documents:

a) within its own organizational structure;

b) entrusting it, totally or partially, in compliance with the regulations in force, to other subjects, public or private who possess the quality, safety and organization requirements identified, in compliance with European regulations, in the Guidelines referred to in art 71 relating to the formation, management and storage of IT documents as well as in a regulation on the criteria for the provision of IT document storage services issued by AgID, having regard to the need to ensure compliance of the documents stored with the originals as well as the quality and security of the storage system. “

The preservation of IT documents on behalf of public administrations by external parties must comply – in compliance with European regulations – with the Guidelines on the formation, management and storage of IT documents as well as with the aforementioned regulation, both adopted by AgID, which mark the overcoming of the previous accreditation mechanism of conservators.
The regulation and its annexes on the criteria for the provision of IT document preservation services provides for the establishment of a list (marketplace) for preservation services published on where public and private subjects can register , which intend to provide the IT document storage service on behalf of public administrations.
Registration to the marketplace is not mandatory but the providers who intend to participate in public administration procedures must equally meet the requirements of the Regulations and are subject to the supervision of AgID (extract from the regulation).

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